Greg Bohannan’s Inexpensive Tackle Organization Tips

Greg Bohannan has two very inexpensive tips for you that will help you keep your fishing gear organized!

Number 1: Rod Rackgreg-bohannan.png

Every time I post a picture of my shop that shows all of my rods side by side, I get questions about the rod rack I built. It’s extremely simple—I might have sunk $8 or $9 into the entire setup.

What I did was take 1-inch pieces of PVC pipe and cut them at a 45 degree angle. I added a screw hole to each so I could screw them to the wall in my garage and slide the rod tips into them. To hold the rods up, I just secured a 2x4 to the wall at about chest height. The handles rest on the 2x4, and the tips are secured in the PVC pieces. 

The great thing about this rod rack is it’s easy to take the rods on and off the wall, and it keeps my rods off the floor. I don’t have them crammed in the corner or on the floor. The chest-height 2x4 keeps the rod handles eye-level, so I can see exactly which rod, reel, and bait I have ready to go. 

Number 2: Bait Storage

I’ve found a great reason to recycle plastic containers from the grocery store: bait organization! I recycle used (but cleaned) lunch meat containers to keep all of my baits organized in the front of my range. 

I like to put baits of the same type into one container and label it, so it’s clear which is which. I can put 30 Strike King Rage Bugs into a single container. And what’s nice about the lunch meat containers is they don’t squish the baits. They’re exactly the right height and length to neatly pack the baits in. I used to use plastic Ziploc bags, but the tails would fold over and not work right. These containers keep the baits all lined up and they fit perfectly.

If you’re only using a few baits, you can still put just a few crankbaits into a container and have all the colors you wanted to use ready to go.



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